Jeremiah 6:16

Thus saith the Lord: Stand ye on the ways, and see and ask for the old paths which is the good way, and walk ye in it: and you shall find refreshment for your souls.


The Gadfly - Biting the Sleeping Horse

As a student at Franciscan University, I often write for our underground student paper, The Gadfly which seeks to "bite the sleeping horse." Recently a friend of mine asked me if I would be writing another article soon. I said sure, give me a topic. She gave me a few, which I'll ask you for your opinion on.

On which should I write something:

1. The discrepancies between what the Church demands us to say and what we often say/sing instead.

2. Commentary/criticism on Churches/Communities/Universities which use armies of Extraordinary Ministers(Ministrettes) of Holy Communion.

3. Commentary/criticism of the general laisse-faire attitude and widespread irreverence for the celebration of Holy Mass.

or a fourth idea:

Answer some questions comparing/contrasting the differences between the Novvs Ordo and the Gregorian Rite of the Holy Sacrifice, and discussing the future perhaps a tertium quid.

I await your responses!


AdAltareDei said...

Well, I'd suggest that you write about the third option. It seems to be the root cause of the first two issues.


Maria del Mar said...

I still say what I said before, I think you should take on the fourth option, because I'm interested to hear your views on the subject.

Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

Fourth would be my preference. The majority of people sympathetic to the TLM people or even with an open mind will benefit from such explanations (for that matter, I see the value of the old form, whatever the name be, and I would very much appreciate learning more about the differences -- those that are substantial nad not just the styles of one place or another, at least), and it would be good to get one out in full public view in a newspaper. For that matter I wonder if, were the tone pulled off right, it might be better in the Troubador for engaging people rather than just reading it in passing... but I dunno, seems prudence could lean either way.


Mary said...

Oh my gosh, I was just thinking of what would happen if I wrote for my school paper about #2. I go to one of the other ?nine or so smallish US Catholic liberal arts colleges and don't really like going to Mass on campus, but went today and a good friend was an EMHC. spent the whole day feeling bitter. But I can't go up to her and say "Why?"

Laurence England said...

Like your blog. Will link it to mine in Brighton UK


Laurence England said...

Like your blog. Will link it to mine in Brighton UK